en-Planning is expensive


Planning is important. Logistics, projects, your staff is relying on good, efficient planning. In the core your entire company is solely dependent on planning. 

Planning is complex. It's about fitting resources, people or places into a time schedule in the most efficient way.

Why is planning complex?

It's complex because of different scenarios, or as we'd like to call them: Planning Strategies. We'll explain later. But key here is: no planning is straightforward. No matter what you are planning.

For example: customers that plan appointments for a haircut, car maintenance, dentist check up, squash court, etc. behave inefficient by definition. There's rush hours and gaps. Mistakes are easily made and double bookings are imminent.

Planning work or tasks for people in a project, garage, transport, etc. requires different approaches. People have different skills. A specific task, or item of work cannot be planned on the first person available. The skill of the employee needs to match. This becomes more important if you try to split the work into tasks to gain speed: finish the work in short time with more people (with of course: matching skillsets). And in a whole become more efficient. You already can imagine that this is a complex and tedious task to do. Again mistakes are just waiting to happen.

Making a planning takes time; making an efficient planning even more. The more complex the planning, the more time it takes and therefore increasing the costs. The risk of mistakes grow and by that planning is reducing efficiency, where it is supposed to add efficiency.

How do we help you?

Based on research Jaws-IT created our Gacha Planner Engine to handle different Planning Strategies. Our engine will automatically create the most efficient suggestions based on the Planning Strategy we selected with you, based on your business. Mistakes or double reservations of resources belong to the past. 

Simply accept the suggestion that is presented to you by the Gacha Planner Engine or make changes as you like. The Gacha Planner will take your changes into account, when calculating your next suggestion, again based on your chosen Planning Strategy.

A Planning Strategy can be based on several things that are key factors in the planning process. For instance: skill levels of employees, availability of squash courts, the ability to split up a task on several employees, etc. Or if time is of the essence, the chosen Strategy will just focus on that. Or if a combination of either comes into play, the Planning Strategy you choose will provide the suggestions you need. 

Visible, easy and fast.

The software solution is fully API based. It's easy to integrate with other API based systems. Versatile modules and front ends fits seamless on the Smart Planning Engine offering your every need. 

Want to see how your planning can be optimized? Contact us. We'd love to help.